Jiwa in the Cloud

Jiwa Delivered via a Web Browser

Jiwa is available to install on your own servers and workstations or we can deliver it to you and your staff via any HTML 5 compatible browser.

No need to worry about servers or even upgrading that old PC. We can do all the heavy lifting for you. You never need to worry about any of the infrastructure.

This is not a Terminal Server or Remote Desktop Server. Each user gets their own session in the cloud which is fully redundant across multiple data centres hosted in Australia.

You can run Jiwa in a browser page or go full screen with up to four monitors

Printing is available either via PDF generation or direct cloud to printer printing

This facility is available for as little as one user to hundreds of users. As each user get their own virtual environment, the system scales without any impact on speed to other users.

The system is hosted on Amazon Web Services and in addition to being fully redundant is fully backed up multiple times each day.

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