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Jiwa Financials

The Move to Opal Logic

On the 1st of September 2021, Austlink Plus Pty Ltd will transition all Jiwa Financials related sales and support functions to a new organisation called Opal Logic Pty Ltd.

Who is Opal Logic?

Opal Logic is jointly owned by two companies, Austlink Plus Pty Ltd and Blue Hat Lab Pty Ltd.

What is Opal Logic going to focus on?

Opal Logic will focus exclusively on Jiwa Financials and related 3rd party products. We also envisage building additional functionality for Jiwa where our clients require it or we see a need in the marketplace.

What is Austlink going to focus on?

In addition to our focus on growing Opal Logic to be the Premier Jiwa Financials Implementation partner, Austlink will continue to provide Network, Cloud, IT Hardware and related services to our clients. We will also be a provider of cloud services to Opal Logic and their clients.

What about the Jiwa Training Website?

The Jiwa Training website ( will continue to be available to all Opal Logic clients as part of their service level agreement (with Opal Logic) and to other organisations on a subscription basis.

Opal Logic Website

The Opal Logic website is up and running and can be found at