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Instant Live Support

At Austlink we pride ourselves on our ability to solve your problems fast. In addition to our knowledge of your accounting software and network systems, we have a facility in place to remotely control both your servers and workstations.


This facility, is provided to us by Bomgar (NetworkSteaming), one of the premier companies in the world for remote access and remote control. It is highly secure, requiring your permission every step of the way and will work behind most corporate firewalls. This allows us to solve 90% of issues without requiring a site visit, saving you time and money.

Your Support Requests

We will track all of your Support Requests. Our System allows us to transparent with you. The way it works is as follows:

Our experienced consultants will classify each request as either:

Support – Free to you if you have a support contract with us.

Our support agreement entitles you to free support where the issue is found to be a software problem in Jiwa Financials or MYOB Exo Business (as defined by the respective manufacturer).

The support agreement also entitles you to a significant reduction in the consulting rate.

Project – Chargeable

Either way an email is automatically sent out to you letting you know the classification.

​ If the ticket is classified as a project then a quotation will be created and also automatically sent.

​For quotations you will also be directed to a website where you can authorize or reject the proposed work.

Once a project is authorized or a ticket is classified as a Support job, work will begin on the issue.

When the work is finished another email will be sent asking you to verify that the work was done to your satisfaction. You have the option of accepting the work or asking for changes in line with the original quotation or support issue.

Once you accept the work the job will close and in the case of a project an invoice will be sent out (Note: this currently happens once a week).

All your comments through the various authorizations are recorded in our system as history notes which you can see through this portal.

Our employees log their time against each job (support or project) with comments – these comments are also available for you to see via the same history notes.

Our system was set up, regardless of who logged the job that particular people, CEO, IT managers, and Financial Controls, could see all jobs being logged for their particular company.


 This was to give transparency to the system and allow:

1.Management to feel comfortable with their users being able to log jobs without them having to independently determine if it is a support job and is free

2.Being able to monitor what work and questions their staff are asking

3.Be able to clearly see any jobs that are being raised, that may have a financial consequence.

We have found this feature particular useful where we are supporting clients with many employees and allows them, to give portal details and/or support desk phone numbers to contact us directly without having to ‘run it by management first’.


I should at this point out though, that Austlink in no way vets who approves the work. However all approval and signoff of jobs must occur through the website, this allows us to capture not only the contact details of the user but the IP and computer details at the time. However, when a quote is generated, management is alerted to this fact at the same time as the staff member who raised the job. At this point they can then asked the staff to not approve if they feel the work is inappropriate.


Other people can be added to this list or you can have a situation where no one is in the list and each individual will just get notification of their own jobs.


The aim of the system is to ensure that we all know where we stand and to make sure that your request is handled in a timely and efficient manner. We have been helping some of our clients for over 20 years. We see ourselves are partners in their business and have helped them in their growth this entire time. We would like to do the same for you.

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