Austlink Endpoint and Web Protection by WEBROOT

Austlink Plus has recently partnered with Webroot to provide our clients with state of the art protection for their staff and their computer networks.

Holistic Protection

We saw a need to protect our clients holistically. Currently if you are at the office you most likely have reasonable protection. The problem occurs when you step out of the office or decide to use a Cloud based server to do your work. The chance of currently being protected in these areas is low.


The treats are not only from a virus and malware perspective but also from phishing and remote execution exploits delivered via standard web browsing activities. You are most likely not even protected for this even at your office. It is imperative then that users are protected against the whole spectrum of threats regardless of their method and location of work.

Management by Austlink Plus

Management of these systems is also becoming critical. You need to have one central point of control which you can analyse and defend issues well before they start to affect your staff’s work day and productivity.


Webroot allows the staff at Austlink to help you with that management. We get two major control panels from which we can manage the full spectrum of your network and the associated treats. The first control panel deals with the devices themselves and ensures that they are fully protected. We can see and are alerted whenever an issue arises.


The second control panel which you also can have (read only) access to, enables us to manage the web browsing activities of your staff. Policies are put in place, which allow you to decide which types of sites will be allowed to be viewed by your staff.

Web Browsing Policies and Management

Each Department within your organisation can have a different policy based on their work requirements and exceptions for particular sites or people can be put in place. Access can be maintained in one of three ways, Allowed, Blocked or Trained. If a user goes to a site which has been categorised as “Trained” the user will receive a warning that the site may not be appropriate for work day activities. They are given the option to continue should they decide that it is appropriate.


Certain categories of sites e.g. social media can also be allowed at different times of the day, say before and after work and at lunch time.


All web activity is logged and maintained for a whole year. This makes it very easy to see the browsing habits and requirements of a particular individual or a group of people.

Pricing and Investment – Pay by the Month!

You will find the investment required for complete protection with WEBROOT very reasonable.


Pricing starts at just $3.80 per user per month (excluding GST) for Anti-Virus (End Point) protection. That is just $45.60exGST per year. On top of that, if you have 25 or more users you can receive a discount of up to 25%. Remember you are only committed for one month at a time. You can cancel with just one month’s notice.

The table above shows you the pricing for the combined Web and End Point protection facility, the End Point only facility and the Web Filtering Only facility.

Pricing and Investment – Pay by the Month!

5 Users – Pay by the Month

25 Users – Pay by the Month

50 Users – Pay by the Month

125 Users – Pay by the Month

Understanding How the Licensing Works

The licensing model for the Endpoint protection and the Web filtering facility differ slightly from each other. You need to understand this difference.

125 Users – Pay by the Month

EndPoint protection as the name implies protects machines rather than people. The following example will explain the system.


You are an organisation with 20 people on staff. Each person has a desktop computer. There are three servers. Five of your employees also have laptops that need protecting. In addition all your users connect to an Amazon EC2 virtual server which they use to run the business. Here is a table which explains how many licenses will be required:

Web Filtering Protection

The way web filtering works is that it protects and tracks the browsing habits of people. So the licensing reflects this in that each user requires their own individual license which they can use regardless of how they connect to the internet.


In this example there are twenty staff members who use a variety of methods to browse the Internet.

Austlink Webroot Security Quotation

EndPoint Protection

Web Filter Protection

Pricing includes full monitoring by Austlink Plus staff. Please contact us on 1300 766 812 for a specific quote for your organisation.

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