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    Jiwa Financials

    Jiwa Financials is an Australian owned and operated company. First implemented in 1995, the Jiwa software has continually evolved in its functionality to meet customer requirements and to take advantage of the latest technologies.


  • Things You Should Know

    Understanding the Benefits

    Fundamentally, Jiwa Financials is going to be different to the system you are using now. It has been built by a different team and is most likely aimed at different market from your current software. But that difference is a good thing

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  • Jiwa in the Cloud

    Jiwa Anywhere Anytime

    JBy hosting Jiwa in the cloud, your ERP system will be available to you Anywhere and at Anytime.


  • Our Clients

    Our Partnership with you

    Austlink has been in business in one form or another  for over 28 years. A number of our clients have been with us that entire time. We see our role as a partner in your business helping you to become more efficient and to grow.


  • Your Investment

    Options for Finance

    Obtaining finance for your new business or accounting software can be a very wise decision. Not only will you free cash to grow your business but you can claim the GST for the whole purchase up front at your next BAS Return.


  • Generate Your Own Proposal

    Help Us Understand Your Business

    Would you like us to provide you with an initial proposal? To do this we need to ask you a couple of questions about your business. The more information you give us the better our estimation will be.


  • The Implementation Process

    A Step by Step Approach

    Once you have decided to go ahead, we start the process with an Implementation Plan. This takes the form of a Requirement Scoping and Review of current processes. Once we are both happy with the plan we will move to a phase of software installation and training..


  • Ongoing Support

    Our Partnership with You

    The end of the implementation is just the beginning for us. We are here to support you each day with any issues you may want help with.


Jiwa Manufacturing

The Jiwa Manufacturing Module is a fairly comprehensive system but at it's most basic can be used simply as a Bill of Materials and Works Order facility. The advanced features are optional and would most likely only be used by organisations who run a larger and more complicated manufacturing facility.


The Bill of Materials facility has unlimited levels which means a bill can contain one or more sub assemblies which in turn can contain more sub assemblies.


This is the Bill of Materials Screen. In this mode it is showing the stages, inputs (raw materials and sub assemblies) and outputs (finished Goods). Each stage is performed within a work centre and is associated with one or more raw materials / sub assemblies.. Stages are optional and would not be used for a simple build.

The Works Order explodes the production quantity by the bill quantities. A works order has multiple statuses (e.g. "not started", "in progress", "on hold", "finished", etc)

Bills and works orders also have the ability to have multiple input options and multiple outputs.

You can define Work Centres with associated skill requirements.

Skills are defined within the Human Resources area.

Each employee can have one or more skills associated with them.

Production areas define Production Lines and their associated work centres.

You can define one or more shifts and also define the capacity that shift has within each work centre.

The system has a comprehensive scheduling facility with a colour coded Gantt chart of all works orders. The system tracks each day and works out the capacity on each work centre. When a work centre has more work scheduled that it is able to handle, it highlights that day in red and also shows you the corresponding work center capacity below.

The following is a short video showing you through the Jiwa Manufacturing and Bill of Materials facility:

This video is best seen on the full screen. Just click on the icon at the bottom right of the video (see image below).


To exit full screen just press escape

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