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    Jiwa Financials

    Jiwa Financials is an Australian owned and operated company. First implemented in 1995, the Jiwa software has continually evolved in its functionality to meet customer requirements and to take advantage of the latest technologies.


  • Things You Should Know

    Understanding the Benefits

    Fundamentally, Jiwa Financials is going to be different to the system you are using now. It has been built by a different team and is most likely aimed at different market from your current software. But that difference is a good thing

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  • Jiwa in the Cloud

    Jiwa Anywhere Anytime

    JBy hosting Jiwa in the cloud, your ERP system will be available to you Anywhere and at Anytime.


  • Our Clients

    Our Partnership with you

    Austlink has been in business in one form or another  for over 28 years. A number of our clients have been with us that entire time. We see our role as a partner in your business helping you to become more efficient and to grow.


  • Your Investment

    Options for Finance

    Obtaining finance for your new business or accounting software can be a very wise decision. Not only will you free cash to grow your business but you can claim the GST for the whole purchase up front at your next BAS Return.


  • Generate Your Own Proposal

    Help Us Understand Your Business

    Would you like us to provide you with an initial proposal? To do this we need to ask you a couple of questions about your business. The more information you give us the better our estimation will be.


  • The Implementation Process

    A Step by Step Approach

    Once you have decided to go ahead, we start the process with an Implementation Plan. This takes the form of a Requirement Scoping and Review of current processes. Once we are both happy with the plan we will move to a phase of software installation and training..


  • Ongoing Support

    Our Partnership with You

    The end of the implementation is just the beginning for us. We are here to support you each day with any issues you may want help with.


Jiwa Landed Cost

The Jiwa Landed Cost module along with Jiwa's use of FIFO (First In First Out) stock costing enables you to easily establish a very accurate valuation for the stock you purchase which in turn gives you excellent visibility on your margins and your true cost of goods sold.


The process starts with the creation of a purchase order. Jiwa makes this easy by allowing you either a manual or fully automatic way of generating the purchase order. Jiwa's forecast based purchase order generation facility allows you to use your historical sales and purchasing data to easily establish a requirements for the stock on that purchase order. The methodology used allows for complete customization based on the specific requirements of your business.

Once your order has been marked as sent you can see it in that stock item's inventory maintenance screen.

The next step in the process is to use the shipments facility to combine one or more purchase orders into a shipment which we will use for costing purposes.

The shipments area allows you to add third party supplier invoices to the shipment. In addition you can also apply costs directly to a GL clearing account. These costs will then be distributed to the items in this shipment. These third party costs can be distributed by "Cost", "Quantity", "Weight" or "Cubic". Each line can be distributed by a different method if required.

The booking in process can be split to another member of staff if required. You can either key individual quantities in against each line, press a button to book in all outstanding items or individually scan each item into the system.

Once you have saved and activated the book in screen the stock is available in the system as listed below.

Entering in the Supplier's invoice is as easy as keying in an invoice number and ticking the "Invoiced" box. You can do this for the main supplier as well as all your import cost suppliers.

Once you have saved the changes to the shipment, the invoices will immediately be visible against each creditor.

The following is a short video taking you through the whole process.

This video is best seen on the full screen. Just click on the icon at the bottom right of the video (see image below).


To exit full screen just press escape

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