The Basic Domain Registration Service

Register your domains here online. We now have a fully automated online registration service.


Our pricing is very competitive. At this one site you are able to register all Australian (,,, etc), New Zealand (, etc), UK (, etc) and the normal International domains such as .com, .net, .org, etc.

We also are able to register the new top level dot TV (.tv) domain name. This is becoming one of the most sought after domain names to have for your company. It is very popular and it would be a shame if your company’s .tv domain name is registered by someone else.

To register your domains all you need to do is go to


Securing Your Domains is of Paramount Importance – If you have any questions we can be reached on 1300 766 812 or by filling out the contact form. We will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Advanced Keyword Research and Domain Registration Service

Many people when registering a domain just register their company name and leave it at that. Of course the domain name associated with your company name is really important but did you know you are more likely to be found by Google if you have a keyword rich domain name.


Lets just say you were a graphic artist and your company name was John Smith Designs, you could register and and be happy that you had a short and easy to remember domain name. This is obviously great for your existing customers but want about the people searching on Google who don’t know you. They will never find you with


If on the other hand your domain name was keyword rich such as then your prospects are more likely to find you via a Google search. Just let us know what it is you do and we will do the research for you. We will then provide you with a list of available domain names and register each one. We will do the following:

Ask you to fill out a short survey on the type of work you do

Research the niches available

Recommend a list of currently unregistered suitable domain names

Against each domain name we will provide you with current search volumes against the target markets of your choice (e.g. Australia, USA, All Countries, etc.)

Once you have chosen we will confirm that the domains you require are available

Register the domains

Configure the Name Servers on each Domain to Point to your website

Provide you with all the details

Another benefit comes to light when you use Google Adwords to advertise your site. Google is all about relevance. If your domain name reflects the search that a person is performing then Google will charge you less per click because they will deem your ad to be more relevant to that person’s search.


This service is available for $495 excluding GST (GST is only payable if you are located in Australia). This price is in Australian dollars.

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