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Austlink has been installing critical infrastructure for clients for over two decades. In fact it has been almost twenty two years. We installed servers for email hosting, for the storage of files, for intranets and for using as remote desktops whilst away from the office. In addition we installed systems to back everything up.

How Secure are Your Servers Really?

Hosting servers in house may seem like a very secure thing to do but in reality it isn’t. Even if you ensure that you take daily backups and invest in monthly IT support services to secure your systems, you are still at the mercy of someone breaking in and taking everything.

Would Your Company Survive a Natural Disaster?

What about all those businesses in Queensland or Japan who have recently had to deal with natural disasters. It is very hard to protect against these sorts of events. The loss of data can be critical and most businesses would not survive without access to their systems for even one or two weeks. I mean you would have no idea who owed you money or how much you owed your staff. You would have to recreate all your templates and source documents. It would really be a difficult task to get it all up and running again even if you had a backup tape off site.


The reality is that the systems today are so complex that it would take weeks if not many months to get everything back up and running again. You would also be paying a lot of money to IT consultants to do it all.

What about Viruses, Spam and Malicious Websites?

The good news is that the treat associated with viruses and spam seems to be getting under control. Many of our clients now use Sophos to protect their workstations and servers. Their email is funnelled through a spam filter and this ensures that most treats of this nature are stopped in their tracks. Where people get compromised though, is via compromised web pages. The user is socially engineered to go to these sites and is then tricked into allowing a malicious program to run.


Once a rogue program is in your network it is very difficult if not impossible to remove. Many a time when a client calls me in to resolve an issue on a workstation, I usually suggest that we format the computer and reset it up from scratch. In their cases the data is on the server anyway and the time to fix the issue would be double or triple the effort required to blow the computer away and start again from scratch. If you go down the road of trying to fix the problem are also no guarantees that the problem won’t come back whilst with a clean install, the problem is usually fixed for good.

Do You Want to Access to Your Data and Systems When You Are Away From the office?

The trend with workers everywhere is to be able to work where ever they are. With most workers now having Smart Phones and laptops they want to be able to get to their systems regardless of where they are in the world. There is nothing more frustrating than needing a file to work on over the weekend and finding that you cannot get access until Monday. This applies equally when you are away at conferences or visiting clients. It is imperative that your emails, your files and all your systems are available everywhere.

Cloud Hosted Services

Once you make the decision to decentralise your IT infrastructure things immediately become easier. For starters included in the price for these services is a team of people who look after everything for you.


You are automatically protected with the latest anti-virus and anti-spam technology and it is always up to date.


Your systems will also effectively become disaster proof. For instance files stored on the Amazon S3 web services system can withstand the sustained loss of two whole data centres which are located in separate countries. In fact their guarantee is that they promise not to lose more than one file of yours in every ten thousand, every hundred million years. I don’t know about you but to me that is a pretty good guarantee.


We offer four types of services which should enable you to host your entire IT infrastructure on the cloud. Click on each of the buttons to find out more about the individual service.

The End Game – Everything Everywhere

At the end of the day the ideal system to have is one where you and your staff can get to your resources from anywhere in the world.


All you will need in your office is an internet connection, a web filter and a bunch of desktops and or laptops for your staff to use. We have clients with over 130 staff with warehouses stocked with thousands of products in multiple states who use these systems every day. By definition everybody is remote so it is easy to provide access to everything when people are away from the office. It also makes moving office very easy because all you need to provision is an internet connection and a web filter. If you want to know more about web filters visit our security page by clicking on the following button.

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